Kiko Blac Ready To Set The Vibes With Her Upcoming Single "Sit Down"!

Kiko Blac is an up-and-coming artist that isn’t afraid to follow her dreams! From a young age, Kiko always knew she wanted to be successful and was determined to turn her dreams into reality. At 18, she took a leap of faith and moved from Baltimore, Maryland, to Atlanta, Georgia ready to hustle and learn the ropes to the music industry.

“I grew up in Baltimore, I didn’t grow up with rich parents or a silver spoon.” She revealed,” I wanted to make it out the mud as the first in my family to achieve more than those who came before me. But I don’t want it just for them, I want it for ME.”

Using music as a therapeutic outlet, the independent artist leaves it all in her lyrics! Kiko Blac admits she isn’t the most expressive person when it comes to her emotions but she always remains fueled to make more music.

She shared, “I love the amount of creative expression that music allows, it’s fun, it makes me feel like I’m always in the right place when Im working.”

After years of writing music and creating her own sound, the independent artist reveals the most important thing for her is creating a connection with her fans. Kiko admits the goal is not to gain clout or fame but have a loyal fanbase that enjoys the energy she puts into her songs.

This year, Kiko Blac is coming into the music industry with a whole new vibe that will inspire you to live your best life! The independent artist is excited to share that there is new music on the way. She confirmed her next single “Sit Down” will be released this FRIDAY on all streaming sites. It will be the first of many more singles she has in the works for 2021!

“Sit Down” OUT THIS FRIDAY! The Single Will Be Available on all Streaming Sites.

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