King YK is Bossed UP! The New York Artist is Hustling to Be The Youngest CEO In The Game.

Independent artist King YK is determined to be the most successful artist in the game! Previously known as Yung Kha in his early years, the hip-hop artist rebranded himself to coincide with his new sound/flow. The hip-hop artist says his sound is melodic balanced with hard hitting bars. King YK specializes in switching up his flow with a smooth transition in a matter of seconds. The Hip-Hop artist from Bronx, New York, has even been compared to Fabolous for the similarities in his word play and voice cadence.

Growing up King YK’s father was a band manager and would bring him to video shoots, studio sessions, etc…After being surrounded by that energy King YK was convinced, he wanted to do music. At 9 years old he began making music and at this point he knew that it was his destiny. It wouldn’t be until he was 10 or 11 where he recorded his first track. In fact, King YK revealed that he was signed to an artist around this time as well.

He said, “I was signed to recording artist Michael Bivins of new edition when I was 11 years old but the deal fell short as it was only a year contract and this was during the time of his obligation with P.Diddy doing the making of the band.”

The New Yorker reveals a turning point in his career was when his daughter was born. However, after a year had passed, he tragically lost his mother due to her batter with cancer. These two moments changed his life in a drastic way but also pushed him to take his music and business more seriously.

Therefore, the independent artist revealed his daughter, family, and siblings are his biggest motivators! King YK said, “my music and everything I do is bigger than just me because I represent a handful of people that depend on me or look up to me to lead by example.”

In 2019, King YK released 3 projects which landed him a spot on tour to open shows for DaBaby in two cities! Fast Forward to 2020, King YK dropped his latest album titled “9.14”. Since its release, the album has been performing well on all streaming platforms. The independent artist plans to drop a deluxe version of the album sometime by the end of the month or early November. The deluxe version will feature 4 to 5 new songs!

King YK hopes that his music is inspiring to others and that his fans have a good time while listening to his tracks. Aside from his artistry he wants to be known and looked up to for his business mind. In the future he would like to try to get into film, clothing, and merchandising.

One message he would like to leave his fans with is, “We all royalty because we come from royalty. Everybody is a king or a queen we just all don’t know or realize it yet. Keep working at whatever it is that you do or want to do no matter what you are faced with. Take it all and use it as motivation to fuel the grind.”

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