Kranium Talks: New Album, His Journey, Staying humble, and more.

It's very important that I walk around with My chain on my neck as Melody God. for a reason. And the reason why I do it is that I want when everybody sees me know that I'm doing dancehall music outside of Jamaica, I'm not in Jamaica, doing dancehall music, and at the level, I'm competing. This is amazing


In a time where the world is in a frenzy one thing that keeps people’s spirits up is Dancehall music. One of the key people responsible for this is Jamaican born international artist Kranium. His single Gal Policy came and conquered in a time where nightclubs were closed and parties were legally impossible to have, even under these circumstances the single made its mark on the world. Recently Disney from the Hip-Hop Basement team got to speak to Kranium Via Zoom where Kranium dished about his unique beginnings, what sets him apart from others in the Dancehall genre, his latest project, and more. Kranium made sure to define the true meaning of Gal Policy while maintaining his innocence in the matter.

Kranium grew up in Jamaica in a household where church reigned, it was while he was in the church choir that Kranium knew that he wanted to be a lead singer. Kranium migrated to the United States at the age of 12 and as a High Schooler he hung out with the late Prodigy from the rap group Mobb Deep. Kranium says '' I was very close with Prodigy through a friend of mine Tyson, so prodigy and I spent a lot of time together I mean, I was in the studio that was actually some of my first studio experiences, just being around prodigy and, so I was very close to Hip Hop''. This friendship allowed Kranium to further see where he wanted to be in the long run.

What sets Kranium apart from many other artists in the dancehall world is his journey. Kranium started his career as a Dancehall artist in New York and then became a hit internationally, most Dancehall artists become a hit overseas and then come to the United States and make their presence known. Kranium’s work ethic is unmatched. Even with the success of hits like Nobody Has To Know, Last Night, and Can’t Believe it featuring Wiz Kid and Ty Dolla Sign, he still feels like he hasn’t made a hit. This speaks volumes about his humility and drive.

When Gal Policy dropped it became an instant hit, the track is catchy with its beat and bold lyrics. To some, the track promotes infidelity to others the track promotes protecting your household. Kranium however says it’s a mixture of both, he further elaborates that you should protect your home while your cheating. A level of respect is needed as crazy as it seems and rules must be made, people do cheat however Kranium is adamant in making it clear he is not saying to cheat but if you do cheat protect your home he says “everybody looks at it one way, nobody looks at it both ways. I feel like I don't want to be that guy to encourage people to do whatever they want to do. And I mean, I don't believe in breaking up happy homes that I don't agree with that, but I do believe in happiness comes in the form of whatever makes you happy. Sometimes you got to do the wrong things for the right reason’’.

Kranium’s Ep Toxic has five tracks two of which have already been released, Gal Policy and Through the window. Toxic follows a theme speaking on toxic relationships. Kranium’s favorite song on the project is called Won’t Judge which is about cheating, something that Kranium admits he’s good at making music about. Kranium says Toxic will have music we will love and will set the tone for his future in music.

Toxic is available now on all streaming platforms.

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