L.A. Rapper Nbs Grizz Goes Jason Voorhees In "Notorious" Video

Los Angeles rapper Nbs Grizz is bringing out the heavy Halloween vibes his guys in his new "Notorious" video.

Though the grayscaled video for "Notorious" is under two-minutes, Grizz takes advantage of the inherently aggressive nature of the track and attacks every ounce of the beat with his raspy and menacing raps.

Part of the appeal of the track is the fact that it is so short, because you find yourself revisiting certain parts to catch the rapper's witty one-liners, as he raps in his opening bars, "Took the bed outta my crib cause I ain't got time to sleep/Got to get it while its good cause my whole family gotta eat."

"Notorious" arrives on the coattails Fat Guapo's recent viral visual "All My Dawgs" featuring Joos, and several features Grizz has been involved with this year.

Grizz has been a fixture in L.A.'s rap scene for a while now. His early hits like "Used To Wanna" and "Big OL Migo (Freestyle)" helped him gain widespread popularity in the trenches. Now, he's working with some of the biggest rappers on the wave in the Latino rap community right now including SVG Preme and YHG Pnut — and he and Pnut actually just dropped a video, according to his recent Instagram post.

Catch the full video for "Notorious" below.

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