Ladies Run It

March is known for a lot of things like March madness, March of Dimes but it's also Women's History Month. I'm going to give some fire women who have trailblazed the music industry in some sort of fashion. The songs have been included with the artists just click on their names.


"Fight For You"

This song is off the soundtrack of "Judas and The Black Messiah", If you haven't seen this movie I highly suggest you do so. I watched it by myself because you're going to experience a myriad of emotions while watching it. H.E.R has always been a conscious singer ever since she's been on the scene which is commendable. She's very conscious about the material that she puts out and everything has a purpose. These attributes are the reasons for why she's so successful, I mean Prince was her mentor!

Alicia Keys

"Wasted Energy"

Whether you love her or hate her, Keys' talent is undeniable. Her impact is as well despite the things she's done in her personal life. Her philanthropic efforts cannot be ignored just like she's revolutionized the way women are seen in mainstream media. This is why I chose her track "Wasted Energy" off her latest album "Alicia" because people waste energy on stupid things.


It's Queen B, her haters don't like to give her credit for being pro-Black but she's been vocal about this since the beginning of her career. She's been a pro-black, pro-women, and gay ally from the beginning. She's a woman of the people. My favorite track from her is "Brown Skin Girl", it's powerful for a myriad of reasons. Little girls get to see a version of themselves from the biggest superstar on the planet. Not to mention her child is brown who has natural hair just like them, white America doesn't realize representation is important. Black kids felt seen when "Black is King" premeired and I'm grateful that Beyonce made it.


"Believe It"

Well, you better believe that Rihanna's reign won't let up! Sis hasn't put out an album in five years and people are still begging for music. Ms. Fenty has made it crystal clear she's having fun exploring other avenues and she'll get back to music when she feels like it. Ms. Fenty has basically told the Navy you better be grateful for these features. Other than that we've been happily giving her our coins for her makeup, skincare, and fashions. Personally speaking, I love her makeup so there are no complaints on my end, I finally found a brand that doesn't oxidize. For my ladies who want a brand that won't have them looking like a cadaver, this is the brand for you.

Hope y'all appreciate the list of women I compiled for you, until next time Trappers.....


Queen Ke