Late rapper Scarfo Da Plug is remembered in a graceful manner by Simone Harris

Gritty lyrics, hard hitting content, and a trap-soul of gold made late Atlanta based emcee Scarfo Da Plug's death last year difficult to deal with for many fans worldwide. Sure he had millions of streams, features with notable artists such as Foogiano, Stunna 4 Vegas, and Peewee Longway, co-signs all over the industry, and a rapid growing fanbase that stretches' the whole east coast but what really sold him was his ability to inspire people form all demographics.

One example is his former manager Simone Harris, ascending Atlanta based entrepreneur and mogul set to be a millionaire very soon! Totally different people but Scarfo made an ever lasting impact on her life! Below are some kind words Simone had to share about Scarfo.

Scarfo motivated and inspired me to keep preserving even when things didn’t always go the way I wanted. His tenacious spirit is what inspired a lot of people. He wanted it so bad he didn’t let anyone or anything stop him.

The ability to impact lives through your craft truly separated Scarfo Da Plug apart from his competitors and he surely will be missed. His legacy lives on forever in his kid, Meet The Underdogs, and Simone Harris along with his music which is on all DSPs.

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