Learn how Zeptagram is revolutionizing the NFT and music space

Zeptagram is revolutionizing the music and NFT space with their new ideology on digital currency. The Sweden based app has created a platform that allows fans and music lovers to purchase in on some of their favorite music catalogues. I got a chance to catch up with one of the partners for Zeptagram on zoom and they broke down exactly what that entails. Have you ever wanted to purchase into an artist single? Well this app allows us to do so by creating a space for artist to drop music and allow fans to buy a share in it. How that works? Anytime a new artist releases music, a fan is able to purchase a piece of that song and depending on the popularity and performance of the streams on that record, they would be able to gain a percentage of royalties from it. It's actually a really great way to involve fans and make them feel like they're really apart of music history. The app is quickly moving outside of its own market and hitting places like the U.S and the U.K. You too can be apart of this newly revolutionizing technology all you have to do is download Zeptagram in your app store and don't forget Hip-Hop Basement put you on first!

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