Lil Haiti, meet a rising star with a one of a kind personality

Photo credit: Chris Andrade

Haitian born and based in Brooklyn, Lil Haiti is an artist to keep an eye out for in 2021. Living by his titled "a vibe," Haiti makes music that you just want to have fun to! With the release of his new EP 'The Big Zoe,' we had a moment to catch a few words with him!

Describe the making of 'The Big Zoe.' Any moments that stand out?

The moment that stands out creating 'The Big Zoe' is that we all had to face some difficult time during the pandemic, but I could freeze my time a bit and focus on the people who needed help the most while trying to maintain my artistry.

How did the feature with Flipp Dinero happen?

It happened to do to mutual friends. The record was recorded with two whole verses. After I sent it to a mutual friend of Flipp and me, he thought it was a good idea to send it to Flipp. And he instantly fell in love with it. The rest is history!

We heard you dealt with COVID recently. Given the state of the world, what was your experience like, and what would you tell people about it?

I'll advise everyone to take precautions because this virus isn't a joke. I felt like I was hit by a train. I lost taste and smell. I had a migraine for four days straight, feeling like someone was beating my head in. Add in chronic nausea and vomiting. This wasn't fun at all, so please keep your mask on and always wash your hands.

Favorite track on 'The Big Zoe' and why?

I like where the cap at. Because I created this record during the pandemic, and I lived it. Giving back to the community is something I'll never forget every time this song comes on.

What's next?

Back to work. We are getting the album together and also giving more and more back to the community.

May you give us an exclusive quote about the project?

Every day you wake up, make sure you give life 100% because someone is fighting for your spot.

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