Lil Twin Isn't Letting The Past Define His Future. The Independent Artist Plans To Dominate The Game

Independent Artist Lil Twin is confident that with his talent, hard work and consistency, he will achieve his goal to be in the conversation of greatest artist of all time. Born in Dayton, Ohio, Lil Twin later relocated to Atlanta, Georgia due to growing crime activity and little to no opportunities to grow in his hometown. He now travels between Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston, and Miami. The independent artist is on his way to the top and is ready to prove that he is the next artist on the rise.

Lil Twin isn’t tied down to one sound. In fact, the independent artist takes pride in mastering the art of Trap, Conscious music, R&B, Soul, POP, reggae, & many more. He truly has no limitations as to how diverse his sound can be.

He explained, “My sound/style is very unique, diverse, heart felt, authentic, & you can just feel the pain & experience I’ve endured behind every word/song.”

The independent artist can do it all! Lil Twin writes, records, and engineers ALL his tracks. He has been passionate about music for as long as he could remember. From performing in the back seat of his mother’s car to local talent shows, Lil Twin has always had music running through his veins.

Lil Twin says he is inspired by good music and motivated by his upbringing. Growing up he may have not had it all but he is determined to be successful in this industry.

“My motivation came directly from the struggle.” He explained, “I didn’t choose to be born into Poverty, but I did have a choice to do something about dying broke. Wasn’t an option. I do what I do for my family & genuine loved ones. So whoever read this. I know who you are.”

Ultimately, Lil Twin hopes to impact the entire world. He hopes to inspire others with the lifestyle he obtained without trying to be too hard or corny. His authenticity, style, and diversity are what set him apart from everyone else in the game right now.

Most people may know the independent artist from his collaboration with his twin brother and Mr. Hotspot. Together they released a single titled, “We Get Turnt Up” which has over 100 Million Streams Worldwide. Lil Twin previously released a joint project with his twin brother titled “lifeline” as well as two solo projects titled “Soufside Hector” and “No Soul 2 Sell”. Currently, Lil Twin is working on his next project. Although he recently released an album, the independent artist says he’s back in the studio working on the next!

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