Listen: "Coochie Hoochie" by Young Lawless ft. Yn Jay out now!

If you haven't heard "Coochie Hoochie" by Young Lawless ft. Yn Jay -- you're missing out. The Compton-native released the high-energy anthem recently and has since seen positive reactions from the single. It's a song you can laugh to, turn-up to, and have fun driving to if it comes on in the car. "Coochie Hoochie" is a hilarious rendition of Yn Jay's original song "Coochie," which came out a few months ago and went viral on TikTok. Now, Young Lawless gives audiences his own take on the track and adds his distinctive vocals to the track.

"To anybody that listen to my music, I just want them to know the decisions you make determines your fate," Young Lawless said in an interview "That’s the message I hope they get from me when they get to sit down and listen to some of my more conscious records. Sometimes I make music just for you to dance and laugh to. But my primary focus is to steer people away from the negative and being more aware of their actions without preaching to them. I call it kicking game. We can make the world a better place if we’re more conscious and start pushing a positive purpose towards helping humanity."

Check out the song "Coochie Hoochie" by Young Lawless ft. Yn Jay below.

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