Look Out For Emerging Artist BG Fa$t

Rising rapper BG Fa$t is determined to make it to the top!

The California-based artist is not only focused on a career in music, he’s hoping to step into the film industry as well. One of his many goals is to produce and write his own movie someday, but for now, music is BG Fa$t’s main focus.

The rapper has been in the game for 3 years now, working alongside iREZ, an engineer who’s recorded and mastered songs for artists such as Blueface, Blue Bucks Clan, Stupid Young, and many more. His music is based mainly on personal experiences his day to day life, wanting to accomplish his goals, and proving haters wrong. BG Fa$t describes his style as New Age Gangsta and wants to keep things real, telling stories that are unique and genuine, while keeping fans engaged. As someone who’s dealt with a lot of negativity in life, he never gave up on himself and is determined to make it big.

Although music is a big part of his life, BG Fa$t is also about giving back to the community. After participating in a Back to School drive in Anaheim last year, he says it’s important to give back and that even the smallest gestures can change someone’s life.

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