LA Artist Cutty Cortez Is Making Music Everybody Can Relate to. Listen to His Latest Single "Draco".

Cutty Cortez is an independent artist that is ready to prove that anything is possible if you follow your dreams. The South Central Los Angeles Native whose real name is Maurion recently decided to change his name to Cutty Cortez which was inspired off his love for mafia movies. He previously released music under his real name but earlier this year he decided to start fresh with his new stage name. The up and coming artist recorded his first track back in 2007 and has continuously been working to become the best artist in the game. Get to know more about the independent artist down below.

Growing up in South Central LA, Cutty Cortez revealed how common it was to become a product of his environment. Falling into the street life was something he grew to accept. His inspiration for music often comes from growing up in a rough neighborhood and seeing more than he should have at his age. Being able to freestyle and tell his story in his own words is a big part as to why he is so passionate about music.

You can express yourself in music. People get to see who you really are on the inside. What your thought process is like and how you feel.” He explained, “That’s why music is so dope because you make nothing out of something show how creative you can get. It takes me to a different place in a feel-good mind set. Stress reliever for me.”

Cutty Cortez has a diverse sound that is a combination of Hip-hop, r&b, and rock. The independent artist says if he feels the vibe he will run with it. He has always been the type of artist that can get down to any beat. Even going back to when he started getting into music, the independent artist would freestyle off instrumentals he purchased from a store on Melrose. At the time Cutty Cortez was lowkey about freestyling and nobody knew that he had been writing lyrics. When his friends heard him for the first time, they encouraged him to keep going!

Ultimately, his goal is to go worldwide and hit the Billboards top 5 list more than once. Cutty Cortez knows that there is work that needs to be done but finding the motivation within himself was something that pushed him to keep moving forward!

My motivation came from myself always wanting to be the best I could be at whatever I do. You only get one life might as well go all out.” He revealed, “But then I had a daughter and she gave me more motivation, I knew she would be looking up to me and I want her to know if you follow your dream you could make it. It’s possible anything is possible.”

2020 has been a busy year for the independent artist. Following the release of his EP “Blue” he recently dropped his latest single “Draco” which is available on all streaming sites! Who knows what’s in store for the independent artist, but he told us… “I’m always creating”!

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