Los Angeles Artist Hotboi New Album "The Raw Material" is OUT NOW!

Independent artist Hotboi is all about dropping knowledge and wisdom through his lyrics. Unlike typical mainstream hip-hop, Hotboi describes his sound as conscious melodic feel good music. Hotboi believes it is important to try to bring awareness to other elements in life other than sex, drugs, and violence.

Back in 2007, Hotboi recorded his first track. However, it was way before then when the independent artist says he began gaining interest in making music. His first memories of getting into music was when he used to sing in the shower as a child. Now the independent artist says his passion for music comes from being able to put his thoughts down onto paper.

Music moves me. It puts me in a place of peace and happiness because I express myself best through music.” Hotboi explained, “Music allows me to strategically express emotions that I might otherwise suppress, due to my inability to properly articulate my feelings in the spur of the moment. Music lets me think it out, and then pen it; which also allots people time to take it in, and then process it.”

Hotboi plans on infusing certain elements of his character into his music to get people used to speaking from a place of wisdom, knowledge, and power. His plan to incorporate etymology is to try to get listeners to understand the language we use and how it affects our society.

He added, “I also want to introduce truth, teach the people how to cleanse their emotional bodies from fixed opinions, and deceptions. Truth can impact a 4-year-old just as much as an elder. I’m trying to impact both of them, and everyone in-between.”

Aside from music, the independent artist has also done some background work in the film industry. Including a scene in the movie “Bright” starring Will Smith and posing as a Tupac’s photo double on TV series “Unsolved” back in 2018.

Currently, Hotboi says greatest accomplishments would have to be all the progression he’s had in his career since the beginning. Seeing growth and inspiring people would have to be the most rewarding part of his career.

Since 2011, Hotboi has released two projects titled “Look Listen Learn” and “Divine Intervention”. Fast forward to 2020 the independent artist just dropped his next album! “The Raw Material” is OUT NOW and is available on all streaming platforms.

“The Raw Material” OUT NOW! Available on all streaming sites!

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