Los Angeles Native Tommy Deedz Is Ready To Start The New Year With A BANG!

Born and Raised in Los Angeles, Ca, Independent Artist Tommy Deedz is getting ready to make 2021 his year. Dropping his last album “Sound Waves” back in 2019, Tommy Deedz has been working on endlessly to deliver part two. He is now set to release “Sound Waves II” at the top of the year. The Los Angeles native’s main goal for the new year is to continue to drop new music with the intention of gaining a larger fan base. The independent artist is not playing around when it comes to taking his career to the next level and is ready to show that he has what it takes to make it in the music industry.

Growing up Tommy Deedz recalls waking up to MTV Jamz every morning. At the time he admits it really made a mark on who he was influenced by at the time. Artists like Usher, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, and Snoop Dogg were at the top of his list. When he decided to take a shot at his music career his influences shifted to artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Curren$y, just to name a few.

When he a teenager he began writing poetry and then he progressed to writing his own raps. As time went on, he recorded his first track thanks to an friend he had at the time.

I had an older homie who believed in my vision that paid for my first studio time as well as laying the hook down for me.” He revealed, “We knocked it out in an hour and the following Monday I was emailing all the homies my track in home room. Just seeing people's reactions to my music made me want to keep going.”

Tommy Deedz believes music is a way of life! He goes by the motto “either you’re going to be the one making it or listening to it”. As you guys can tell by reading this article, he sticks to making the music. In fact, the independent artist writes his own lyrics and is thinking about taking the time to learn how to engineer/produce as well.

The independent artist admits people view him as a conscious rapper and he has no problem with that. His goal is to be as relatable as possible to his listeners because he does not believe in lying for an image.

He added, “Some artists want their fans to relate to the street stories but I'm here to talk to your average kid from the hood.”

The up and coming artist is motivated and looking forward to evolving and growing in life. He says his kids are his main motivation to never be afraid of change because he wants them to see the hard work and dedication he puts toward his passion.

One message he would like to leave his fans with is, “Never stop loving and always believe in yourself. Nobody knows you better than you. Everybody knows right from wrong but never include their conscience in their decision until it’s too late.”

Keep an eye out the first single set to be released from his EP titled, “Jody’s Homie” coming out January 20th, 2021!

Instagram- @tommydeedz

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