M3LO Capone Is Creating A Buzz For Himself

Born and raised on the southside of Chicago, up and coming rapper/songwriter M3LO Capone is breaking into the scene at full force. In hopes of getting his message across that giving up isn’t an option, Capone is putting his all into his music. With his new single “vindictive” out, he is creating a buzz for himself. We had some time to ask him about his music and how it became where it is today.

Q: When did you start doing music? And when did you start taking it seriously?

A: I started music when I was 13 years old in 8th grade. I started rapping over beats on an app on the phone and found a passion with my voice being on the beat. I started taking it seriously as I got older and saw I could make a career and really benefit from this passion. As time progressed, I saw that reaching the next level took investing, ever since then I have looked at music as a passion, career, and long term investment.

Q: When did you record your first record?

A: My first time recording was in 2014 at the age of 14 on my way to my 8th grade trip on the Bus

Q: Why music?

A: My first time recording I loved how my voice sounded on the beat. I love the fact that it was my creation, kind of like having a child you helped birth. I created something someone else could vibe to. It felt great.

Q: Who/what inspires your sound/music?

A: No one inspires my sound I try to ride the beat in my own way while

Q: Who is your motivation and why?

A: My motivation in the music scene is Lil baby. He is a superstar from the same conditions I grew up in. having to deal with the loss of friends, crooked police just nonstop battles. The odds are against people like us the minute we are born into the world, and he is living proof you can make a way for you and your people with hard work and dedication.

Q: Who are the top 3 artists that you currently look up to?

A: Lil baby, Juice World, & Future

Q: What are your goals when it comes to your music career?

A: My goal when it comes to music is to have an international impact with my Wave and Sound. I plan to connect with people everywhere and have longevity when it comes to this game, having a career that pays well and will open the doors for other lanes in life.

Q:What impact are you looking to make with your music? Who do you want to impact?

A: I want to impact the lives of people who need to free their mind and enjoy themselves. I want people who can’t go to areas that I'm from to understand what it is like to live there and the situations I've been through being in that environment. I also want the people who live in these conditions to relate and see that they can make it with persistence, perseverance, and dedication.

Q: Any life changing stories/incidents that impacted your music career, your decision to do music, your journey, etc?

A: Yes, me losing family members close to my age and dealing with crooked police in my environment has played a key role in my music. the listener can hear the authenticity in my lyrics. Everything that I preach I’ve been through I feel like an old soul in a young body. I’m only 22 but I feel like I’m 56. There is a new obstacle everyday where I’m from. Music is my only scape goat mentally and physically. I have been beaten up and had my car vandalized by officers during a traffic stop. I’ve shook my cousin hand and lost him the same day hours later to gun violence all in the same month. I’m a broken soul trying to stay positive with this music and show everyone no matter what your circumstances are you can still win. The odds were against me the minute i was born given my environment and skin color, it took me making the right decisions and putting in the hard work to prove the statistics wrong and make it happen for me and my family. My music gives people a step into my crazy life and hopefully motivation to better theirs, it’s always that next level.

Q: In your opinion, what makes you stand out from other/current artists out there?

A: What makes me stand out is my versatility. I have many unique sounds that go with many different beats. I use them depending on the vibe or tone of the beat being used. These sounds are very distinguishable from what's around now, but people seem to love their uniqueness

IG: @M3locapone

TikTok: M3locapone Facebook:@M3LO Capone YouTube Channel: ABS M3LO Capone

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