Macntaj The New Artist Taking Over Youtube

I know you're all wondering who the hell is a guy named "Macntaj" and why is he so important? I discovered Macntaj while watching Youtube videos. The Seattle rapper popped up as an AD commercial, but the music was dope enough for me to stop what I was doing just to Shazam him. After searching his track via Shazam, it prompted me to search for his Instagram as well, which was full of dope music aesthetics and even doper music content.

His latest video "Free Fall" featuring Keshawn has garnered over 93,000 views within the first two days of its release and continues to soar in numbers. The visual is full of interactive and wild moments including one scene, which depicts a nurse rolling Macnatj around in a wheelchair through the hospital.

Check out "Free Fall" and be on the lookout for more content from Macnatj in 2021:

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