Meet Josh Clarke, A Hidden Gem From Canada

Canada has produced some of the leading talent in entertainment and sports over the past few years with names such as Drake, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, Ryan Reynolds, Celine Dion, Shai Gilgeous Alexander, Jamal Murray, and many other notable names, the country has a lot of talent. However, one artist by the name of Josh Clarke has been lost in the shuffle. A unique sound and look definitely makes Clarke worth more than a few looks and plays on streaming platforms. Below is a more personable look from him.

Q. What do you like better, R&B or Hip Hop? Why?

A. That's a tough one only because I have so much respect for both art forms. Most people who don't know, I use to come up with freestyles in like early high school days; I remember skipping 3rd period with my friends to go rap and smoke in their basement. I remember I used to sit them down and force them to listen to my written freestyles... wow! I guess rapping was the cool thing to do back in high school, but at the same time, nobody knew I could sing. With singing, you can feel the emotions and connection the artist has with their audience, and I think that's what I fell in love with as a musical connoisseur. Ya, this question is difficult because each genre has defined me individually as an artist to the point where I'm just doing what I want, plus I can do both pretty well.

Q. Describe the culture of Canada?

A. I remember answering this question on DJ Iceberg, and I explained how Canadian culture is like one big melting pot. We have so many races of people and different cultures that we pick up and learn from. Especially the terminology. Toronto lingo is like nothing else in the world. We got even regular suburban kids using vocabulary that was originated from certain areas in Scarborough, which is like a borough east of Toronto. I know many real "man dem" who have made it out from Those "endz."

Q. Favorite thing about music?

A. My favorite part about music is the performance side. I don't think many people know the length of time it sometimes takes to produce and create an album/record entirely. I believe any severe creative project should take critical thinking and judgment because that's what you're putting out into the world, and you want people to appreciate it! So finally, when all the tweaks have been made, you feel such a relief that all the complex and critical work is complete, and you can now perform your craft and have fun! At least for me, the enjoyment of watching a facial expression when somebody is feeling your shit or getting a simple compliment is all I need for me to keep going. The appreciation is everything!

Q. You got an upcoming video with TVGucci, which is rumored to be amazing! Describe how it came together?

A. TVGucci has become like a big bro; I have a lot of appreciation for this guy. It was natural the way it happened. I remember CJ hitting me up and telling me we need to go to TV Gucci's studio in Scarborough to meet with Sherlock, his manager. We ended up going, and we were just chilling, and Sherlock was like, "pull up a track so we can hear what you're working with." At that time, Gucci wasn't even at the studio, and he was actually preparing to fly out to Houston the next day, or maybe it was even the same night. I already had my two verses recorded. Like six other people in the studio, and we played my version of "Labeled A Boss," let's just say that record had to be pulled up a couple more times! Sherlock was like, "this a hit," and called up Gucci on FaceTime, and we played the record for him over the phone with all of us In the studio. I remember I couldn't see Gucci's reaction because I was by the board, but CJ was like, "yo! He was feeling it". Gucci postponed his trip and came to the studio, and we got it done; it was a very historical moment for me, at least. From then, we have all been cool. It wasn't until later that we decided to go ahead and do a video when he came back. Probably one of the best decisions so far.

Q. Can you give us an exclusive quote about your 2021?

A. My quote for 2021 has to be from one of my idols, Jay Z - "I'm not a businessman, I am the business man, I handle my business god damn." I abide by that quote; it's like a bible scripture to me. I'm really about my business and work ethic, and to survive in this industry, you need a lot of both, so imma leave it at that.

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