Meet M2thak, A New Era Digital Guru dabbling into Music

M2thak is a celebrity rapper, YouTube star, social media influencer, and entertainment mogul based in Las Vegas, NV. He gained popularity for his original public pranks and authority patrol series, and is considered one of the pioneers of YouTube. M2thak is also signed to SODMG Records and has been a confidant and business partner to Soulja Boy since 2008.

With all his experience in the social media world, M2thak is now the director of brand partnerships and influencer operations for Monster Inc and is launching his new NFT company "Ready Playa One", which is set to revolutionize the industry. M2thak is simply great at everything he does. Check out his latest album "Cash," a thrilling mix of quality production and gritty lyrics.

The intensity M2 has with each song gives listeners a new perspective on who he is as a person and that he take music very seriously. "Cash" is available on all DSPs.

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Connect: @m2thakshow



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