Melii Talks Women Empowerment, Mental Health, Music Inspirations, New Album & More

“I think what I want people to know about me is that I am, not antisocial. I feel like a lot of people would just feel like, I am very antisocial because I do not, but my life out there. I am very private. And when I am open about anything, I am not ashamed of it. That is another thing like I am very open when I am open about something, you will know.”


Recently Disney from the Hip-Hop Basement team got the chance to speak with Harlem’s very own Melii. The rapper/singer Melii also known as the Jiggy Mami with the curls spoke to us via Zoom about Women Empowerment, Mental Health, Musical Inspirations, her new album, and more. Melii did not hold back when it came to the topic of mental health, explaining that she suffers from depression and on the topic of women empowerment she detailed why it is important to her to work with females in a male-driven industry. She also made sure to let it be known how important her supporters (Melii mob) are to her.

Melii grew up with a variety of influences that helped craft some of her versatile styles. With R&B, Hip-Hop, and Latin influences from Chris Brown, Jhene Aiko, Enrique Iglesias, and Ivy Queen - it is easy to see why she is one of the most exciting artists on the rise.

Her heritage is a large part of what makes her music so special. Melii makes sure to incorporate her Dominican “Spice” in her artistry, hoping to establish an intimate connection with her fanbase. She says, “My Dominican's are the main target that is going to understand me and then also my community.”This also influences the type of collaborations she has an interest in doing in the future. She told us that she has an interest in working with dancehall artist Spice, Jamaican producer Rvssian and a ton of Latin artists like Juan Luis Guerra, Natti Natasha, Karol G, Melymel just to name a few.

Her latest track is You Ain't Worth it featuring 6lack, a track where Melii describes how she is leveled up after a breakup and will not bother to address the past, further contributing to that bad b***h energy that we love to hear in her music.

Melii has an album coming up later in 2021 and we cannot wait to see what is next for her, she says the album is going to be “vulnerable” and a lot of different vibes - sticking true to the versatility that caught our attention early.

Check out the full interview below:

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