Mi$ta Hundos Debut Album "You’d Like Me Better Sober" Is On The Way!

Ohio Artist Mi$ta Hundos is riding his own wave! From survival mode in the streets to beast mode in the studio, Mi$ta Hundos has a different music style with a lot to offer. His unique style of Hip Hop, Pop, and Rock is a combination that most artists have yet to conquer. Mi$ta Hundos is an independent artist who began making music at 16 years old and word is he just dropped his debut album! The album titled “You’d Like Me Better Sober” features 19 tracks is already heating up the city! Get to know more about the independent artist down below.

Growing up Mi$ta Hundos would always listen to music. Beginning when he was a baby, his mother revealed that listening to music was the only way she would get him to sleep. He later developed the skill to freestyle when himself and a group of friends would make beats at the lunch table every day. Soon after, the Ohio Artist would develop interest in creating what would now be his stage name.

“What inspired my name is I’m a product of my Environment.” He revealed, “When I was a kid, I wasn't made this way but eventually my surroundings forced me to get money to survive on my own. Get money or starve!! Simply my surroundings turned me into something different. It made me hungry for money.”

Since then the independent artist has turned his life around and began hustling to build up his music career. Mi$ta Hundos loves how he his able to express himself and leave it all in the music. The Ohio artist specializes in writing and engineering his own tracks to ensure that he keeps the sound authentic to his style.

Ultimately, Mi$ta Hundos wants to impact the world! His goal for his music career would be to have people remember who he was on this earth. He wants to inspire people around the globe and remind them that he is also shares the same struggles and feelings.

“I want to show them what goes on inside of my head and for them to see that its beautiful… if they have never witnessed a soul like mine I can share it with them.” He explained, “I want to impact the sound and creativity of RAP MUSIC. I want the WORLD to DANCE until it ENDS.”

You can catch all the vibes when listening to Mi$ta Hundos debut album “You’d Like Be Better Sober”. The independent artist reveals the album will be out October 5th, 2020!

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