Mighty Da Don Is Ready To Lead The Way And Inspire The Youth. Learn More About The Youngin In Charge

Up and coming artist Mighty Da Don believes that you can be whatever you want if you don’t limit yourself. Growing up in some of the most dangerous parts of the Bronx, New York, Mighty Da Don tried his best to keep clear of trouble. Amid all the street violence, Mighty Da Don knew he was going to be successful.

“I came from the streets, slept on the floor, went homeless and had nobody to depend on. I had to push and find a way.” Mighty Da Don recalled, “I was in shootouts could've lost my life. I used music to keep me sane and focus that god had a bigger picture for me that he gave me a purpose to still be here.”

Mighty Da Don began making music when he was a teenager but did not take it seriously until last year. The independent artist takes pride in being versatile and having a sound that is not comparable to anybody in the game right now. In fact, Mighty Da Don does not consider himself a rapper he revealed he’s an artist over everything.

The independent artist writes and produces his own music. He says it’s a way for him to get some things off his chest when needed.

“It’s just somethings you can’t just talk about, you have to express it through a beat.” He revealed, “That’s just how I express myself. Whatever is on my mind is what I put on paper. If there’s no one I could talk to I can just put it in a song and vibe”

His sound is inspired by other artists who speak on real and relatable topics including Jay Z, Jadakiss, and Meek Mill. Mighty Da Don aspires to be just like them in the future not only by becoming successful in the industry but also helping others in need.

“I want to be legendary and I want to impact everyone in the world mainly the youth.” He explained,” I want to help the youth and build centers around the world to keep kids and young adults out the streets.”

2020 has been a successful year for Mighty Da Don. Aside from relocating to Houston, Texas with his family, the independent artist also released his latest project “Youngin In Charge”. The project has 8 tracks and one including a feature from K Loco. What’s Next? Mighty Da Don revealed he’s already working on his next mixtape titled “Boss Don”. Currently there is no set release date for the project.

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