Million Dollar Mir Drops Single "Hula Hoop"

Amir Brunson better known as Million Dollar Mir is an artist from Fort Lauderdale Florida, who has been creating a name for himself in the southern part of the united states, but its only the beginning of what's to come. From the age of 4 years old people could see that Million Dollar Mir would become a entertainer, always rapping and dancing for guest in his living room. Now the 19 year old artist has released a new single entitled "Hula Hoop" another bop to add to his collection of popular songs in Florida. The upbeat rap song mentions girls moving that "oop" like a "Hula Hoop" but can you throw it well? Get ready for Million Dollar Mir's "Hula Hoop" challenge coming soon, but in the mean time stream the latest single "Hula Hoop" here courtesy of Apple Music:

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