Minty Burns New Artist Trending

2021 is now upon us and while it’s the top of the year, we’re looking for the breakout artists who are likely to trend during 2021. Minty Burns an artist from Toronto Canada, has been on our radar as one of the leading trendy artists we’re looking to cover. Since 2014 Minty has been building a reputation in the music scene, bringing attention to himself with collaborations like Smoke DZA, Zoey Dollaz, and Lil Duke. His debut album “The Golden Ticket” has accumulated over 3 million streams across platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud. These streams have helped solidify and build Minty’s "cult-like" fan base. Spending his time split in different cities like LA, Toronto, and New York, Minty Burns has been able to make his mark from coast to coast. While music remains his first priority, Minty Burns also designs and manages his own clothing line. His designs are sold online and in some storefronts around Los Angeles and Toronto.

We had the chance to interview Minty recently on his music, studio sessions, thoughts on the mixtape era, and more.