Minty Burns New Artist Trending

2021 is now upon us and while it’s the top of the year, we’re looking for the breakout artists who are likely to trend during 2021. Minty Burns an artist from Toronto Canada, has been on our radar as one of the leading trendy artists we’re looking to cover. Since 2014 Minty has been building a reputation in the music scene, bringing attention to himself with collaborations like Smoke DZA, Zoey Dollaz, and Lil Duke. His debut album “The Golden Ticket” has accumulated over 3 million streams across platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud. These streams have helped solidify and build Minty’s "cult-like" fan base. Spending his time split in different cities like LA, Toronto, and New York, Minty Burns has been able to make his mark from coast to coast. While music remains his first priority, Minty Burns also designs and manages his own clothing line. His designs are sold online and in some storefronts around Los Angeles and Toronto.

We had the chance to interview Minty recently on his music, studio sessions, thoughts on the mixtape era, and more.

Q: where are you from and what was it like growing up there?

Minty: "I'm from Toronto, Canada. Growing up in Toronto was dope. The city is very diverse and multi-cultural. As a kid, I was exposed to a lot of different genres of music."

HHB: At what age did you find your passion for music?

Minty: "When I was around 16, I started freestyling at high school party's and then eventually started getting into battle rap shortly after that."

HHB: Have you experienced any negative feedback as an artist is that you’re a White Boy from Toronto?

Minty: "I haven't experienced any negative feedback because of that I don't think. People in my city know that I came up around a lot of dudes in the streets and if anything I help tie people together and build relationships being the neutral "white boy" lol."

HHB: How would you describe your sound of music?

Minty: "I make uplifting melodic music that appeals to stoners, women, and anyone trying to come upon a masterplan in life. I think I have core hip-hop roots because I learned how to rap traditionally first. I think that gives me a solid foundation of rhyme structure and being able to clearly deliver a message in my music."

HHB: What are some of the things you’ve accomplished so far in your career?

Minty: "I am a rap battle champion. I have released several mixtapes EP's and singles that have touched my market audience over the last 6 years. I went number one on the college radio station, on a song with hip hop legends Channel Live, Keith Murray, Doitall, and Tretch (Naughty by Nature). My song Dab Man went viral on Instagram and I just hit 4 million streams on my Spotify to name a few."

HHB: What is something you feel like you’re on the verge of accomplishing but haven’t yet?

Minty: "I feel like I am going to be the face of stoner music worldwide and be the ambassador for some of the top lifestyle brands on the planet as well as introduce my own brand to the world."

HHB: Who were some of your inspirations in music while growing up?

Minty: "When I first started listening to hip-hop around the age of 12 I was into Dr. Dre and Eminem. My taste then moved onto lyrical New York rappers like Jadakiss, Big Pun, NORE, Fabolous, and guys like that. That's where I got my foundation from. I pride myself on being someone that keeps up with the times so my taste has grown since then but that is where I started."

HHB: Who would you like to work with in 2021?

Minty: "In 2021 I would like to work with artists like Ty Dolla Sign, Swae Lee, and Wiz Khalifa to give me that big single sound. I also want to work with upcoming rappers and artists if they fit my sound."

HHB: Is weed an essential item for your studio sessions?

Minty: "What kind of a question is that? Of course"

HHB: How many blunts do you smoke a day on average?

Minty: "I have been trying to cut back on the blunts so I usually cap myself at one a day. The rest I do straight paper."

HHB: Have you ever considered doing a mixtape for your fans? Do you think the mixtape era is dead?

Minty: "I am happy to see that mixtape sites like datpiff and livemixtapes are still super active. I plan on giving my fans a mixtape of exclusive songs and freestyles that won't be on the streaming platforms."

HHB: What’s next for you?