Nicole Shiraz Drops New Swimwear Line, "Nalia Swim". Shop The Spring 2021 Collection, OUT NOW!

Nicole Shiraz is a young successful entrepreneur that has your back this summer! Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, the 25-year-old relocated to Los Angeles, California a little over 3 years ago. Inspired by her roots back home and her California dreamin lifestyle, Shiraz decided she would design her own luxury swimwear line called “Nalia Swim”

“Traditionally swimwear used to be something you would wear to the beach or pool but in today’s generation swimwear has become like a fashion statement.” Shiraz explains, “Women are wearing swimwear more and more to parties and events. I wanted to make a swimwear line for women to feel confident when walking into that environment by standing out from the rest and not just wearing a simple swimsuit.”

“Nalia Swim” is your one stop shop for swimwear that won’t disappoint! Their motto “Make A Statement” is all what needs to be said about their Spring 2021 collection. The brand is inclusive for ALL body types and is made with a spandex material set to hug and accentuate curves! The line will vary in price from $79.99 to $169.99 and is available WORLDWIDE.

In the future, Shiraz hopes to see her brand on women in the music industry such as Cardi B, DeniLeigh, and Rubi Rose. She explained that these women represent what “Nalia Swim” is all about, feeling confident and empowering women around the world!

Spring 2021 Collection Out Now -

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