OGPD Is Back With His New Mixtape "MPR"

OGPD is a fly, Caribbean New Yorker from the Bronx that has down south ties. His vibey style of music has been influenced by musicians such as his dad. At a young age, OGPD was in tune with music and sounds, and he had always had a liking towards instrumentation. Now, he decided to take this passion to action. As an up and coming artist, OGPD motivates people to not only dance and feel good, but also go out and get it.

OGPD lives by the motto to “Stay true to yourself and do not change for anybody else” and “tough time don’t last, tough people do”. His new mixtape “MPR” August 20th, so mark your calendars and get ready for OGPD’s newest release! Learn more about OGPD below!

Where does your musical inspiration derive from?

My dad he was one of the biggest Djs up town in the early to mid 90s

What age and year were you really moved to be involved?

I would say at a young age I’ve always been I tuned with music and sounds. I also always took a liking to how music was made and the instrumentation.

How long have you been in the industry?

I’ve been soaking up the game for a couple years I’ve really been behinds the scenes but now I’m doing my thing in front of the camera

Is there a motto or quote that you live by?

Stay true to yourself don’t change for nobody

Why is giving back to the community important to you?

Without the the community there’s is no me. We are products of our environment and if we can help to clean or rebuild our communities we need to for the future.


Instagram: _ogpd_

Youtube: OGPD

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