OriJinal Shotta Debuts Latest EP

OriJinal Shotta is an independent artist and Nebraska native who is more than ready to share his talent with the world. Promoting his recently released EP, “I Got Plays,” Shotta takes on the responsibility to help represent his hometown of Omaha and makes it a point to use his music as a platform for providing advice on hustle culture, teaching his listeners what it really means to make it out of the mud and into something greater.

Shotta first began to take his music seriously when he was offered to make extra money from his artistic talents. Having grown up in a city where everyone is aiming to level up and grow out of home, Shotta knew he had to take a chance on himself in order to evolve and reach new levels of success. Utilizing his talents as an artist will serve as an important tool in helping others discover what it is they’re passionate about and to go far and hard after their goals, big and small. It is important to Shotta to teach his experiences and discoveries to his audience since it is already a challenge for people to venture outside of his hometown. Though he prefers to keep a low profile, he will do whatever it takes to put Omaha, Nebraska on the radar through his music as well as his other endeavors.

Shotta is big on doing the work to achieve one’s goals and biggest desires, so it’s no doubt that his recently released EP is a playbook on how to level up in life. Affectionately dubbing himself as the Trap Coach, “I Got Plays” is Shotta’s way of laying out a blueprint of the hustle mentality, dividing his instructions into parts. His 3-track EP is currently accompanied by 8 videos that can be viewed on Youtube. The “I Got Plays” EP is now available for streaming on all platforms.

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