Que 9 and 17th Street Mula Unveils New Single "Zooom"

Teenage rap sensations Que 9 and 17th Street Mula continue their run of success, dropping quality music with a new single titled "Zooom." High octane and melodic, the latest track from the two artists, will invigorate listeners. Coming off the release of "40 Yard Dash," which garnered over 800,000 views on YouTube since May 7th, Que 9 and 17th Street Mula have a lot to show the work in terms of their cohesive energy.

The vibes of the youth are on full display with the debut project of the latest teen duo in '2 Head Monster,' an EP from Que 9 and 17th Street Mula that portrays the raw, energetic bliss of the upcoming generations—intended to show all walks of life and age groups of people the power two teenage emcees have when coming together. They both love working together and show that even coming from different walks of life; you can team up and show out when you have a common goal.

"Que and I are working together is an otherworldly experience! We give listeners similar vibes as if we were Rae Sremmurd," 17th Street Mula states. Que 9 had similar sentiments that hit home for people who want to see young black artists in unity. "It feels great to work with someone with so much in common, we have the same goals for our music, and I never met anyone who thinks as big as me with the music side until Mula."

Que 9 & 17th Street Mula "Zooom" is the first single for their heavily anticipated '2 Head Monster' EP. Both artists are excited to showcase their full musical capabilities to the world, and "Zooom" will unveil the potential of two promising new rappers.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/que9sae/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/17thstreetmula

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