Queens Got Kings: Superlative Visions

The United Kingdom might have birthed him but Hollis, Queens created him. Superlative Sain is a multi-talented creative with the confidence to steal the attention in any room. It’s made clear in his artist pseudonym which means “The best to bless”. Superlative Sain fell in love with music through his mothers vocals. The church choir was his introduction to musical performance but not his only childhood artistic discovery. Superlative Sain sketched his own characters, created his own comic books, and designed storylines as a youth. This talent evolved into graphic and logo designing for his merch/clothing line "Be|SUPERLATIVE". College is where he switched out the pencil to sharpen his pen in lyricism. Superlative Sain, along with his long-time friend Diverze Koncept, assembled a team of creatives called OGWN. Adding freelance photography to his list of duties, Superlative Sain makes it clear that he’s put in his 1800 hours on his new record “10 YEARS”.

“10 YEARS” is the amount of time that Superlative Sain has taken to create, perfect, and build his