Rasheed Chappell Is A Good And Different Breed

Rasheed Chappell is a diverse emcee who has music filled with sharp puns, clever wordplay, and hip hop nostalgia with the ability to procure an audience of the modern ears. He has even caught the attention of renowned media correspondent Peter Rosenberg which led to him being played on his show on Hot 97 recently. With the release of his EP '15 Minutes In Queens,' he stopped by Hip Hop Basement for a dope interview. You can check it out below:

HHB - How are you different from your tri-state colleagues?

RC - I don't really follow what other artists are doing, I feel we all have our own individual roles to play and studying someone else takes away from me being my best self, that's in life and music.

HHB - What is your favorite song of the EP?

RC - Right now, because it varies depending on my mood, I'd say Beautiful Art/Tortured Soul featuring Lisa Bello and Tim Hall on the sax. It's the most personal record on the project.


HHB - Any memorable moment during the making of the EP?

RC - The process, that's the most memorable aspect for me. Each song holds a moment in time with me, so I know what I was feeling, what I was going through when I hear the songs so the moments of creation stay with me forever.

HHB - With your nostalgic sound meshing well with current production, how do you adapt to stay relevant?

RC - I just remain me, I don't try to do anything that doesn't feel right to me. If I'm me there's no one else I have to pretend to be. Personally I'm a fan of all types of music and genres so I draw inspiration from everything and just use that inspiration to fuel my process.

HHB - What's your dream producer to work with and why?

RC - Dream producer, I think Pharrell and I would cook up something crazy, he's someone that touches all types of music yet is very rooted in Hip Hop's grimey sound. I feel he & I would push each other both to do something special.

HHB - What and who influenced your sound?

RC - Everything in my life has influenced me, from the records I heard growing up in the house to what I heard on the streets to Video Music Box, just everything. I was and in some ways still a sponge. The artist curse we can see ourselves in any situation and draw from it. I want to evoke the feeling I get when I listen to Aretha, when I write. I can't sing so I try to vividly describe what I'm saying to the point you feel it.

HHB - What are three things about you that we don't know?

RC - 1. I am a huge fan of The Marvel Cinematic Universe. 2. Boxing is by far my favorite sport. 3. Sneakers are my addiction.

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