Reesey Money Has No Plans On Slowing Down. The Independent Artist Teases New Album On The Way.

Up and coming artist Reesey Money is known for being the shy kid in his hometown. His debut in the music industry shocked many with his diverse sound that is different from any other artist coming out from South Carolina. The independent artist released his debut album back in 2018 and recently dropped his latest single “Slide” which is already heating up the city! Get to know more about the independent artist and what he has in store for his fans down below.

Music has always been a part of his Reesey Money’s life. However, he revealed he never really made the connection despite growing up with his cousins who were always invested in making music/mixtapes. Growing up he was only interested in listening to music or freestyling for fun.

“It’s always been a part of me even when I didn’t notice it.” He revealed, “I didn’t have any interest at the time but my older cousin would say Ay lil kuz spit something and I would lol I thought I was some bs but he apparently seen something special and stayed on me.”

Reesey Money says his life is what primarily influences his sound. His flow is typically laid back like his personality, but he does have a couple of songs that are more of a turn up vibe that people really enjoy. The independent artist writes all his lyrics and is very hands on with producers/engineers to get his sound exactly how he imagines it in his mind. Overall, he puts his heart and soul into every track he releases and hopes that people can relate/connect to his story.

However, on the rise of his music career two life changing moments affect him and his career till this day. He revealed, “When my 1st cousin but more like my Brother went to jail and convicted for murder that really put me in a different mindset and changed my family. He was the one that influenced me to even spit a bar and when I talk to him behind them walls til this day he always tell me he’s proud of me and always waiting on my next song or project. And recently one of my other close cousins that I grew up with was murdered by the police and that changed everything in my family and we still protesting in Chester South Carolina til this day for justice.”

The independent artist says his family and his brother are his biggest motivation. Together they have made the best out of nothing. Reesey Money is confident with the right moves he can make it far in this industry. His goal is to become the best artist his city has ever seen to provide a better lifestyle for his family.

The South Carolina Artist is putting his city on the map! In 2018, a single from his debut album “Now or Never” reached over 50k views within the first month. At the time it was the most exposure he had received as a new artist. That same year he was granted the opportunity to perform on tour with DaBaby and again in 2019. Now fast forward to 2020, Reesey Money has no plans on slowing down. In fact, he revealed that he is working on releasing his next album titled “Now or Never Reloaded” before the end of the year!


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