Revisiting Nostalgia, Ultra, Ten Years Later

This will be a look back when R&B and music as a whole were changing dramatically. People will look back at 2011, as a great time you had three drastically different releases from some of the biggest names in music now Drake with 'Take Care,' The Weekend with 'House of balloons', and Frank Ocean with 'Nostalgia, Ultra,' all of three classics, in their own right.

To understand 'Nostalgia, Ultra,' you have to understand Frank Ocean and who he was. And for that, you got to learn his history. And yes, so many people have already covered his youth. But there are some things that you may have overlooked. So I'm going to go over it once more. Christopher Edwin Breaux was born in Long Beach, California, and moved to New Orleans, the home of American jazz, at five years old.