Rising Canadian Star Nate Husser Enlists Merlyn Wood for New Single “Get Out”

Canada is known to create some of todaysbiggest hip-hop artists, from Drake to Tory Lanez. So it comes to no surprise that Montreal artist Nate Husser is quickly on the rise with his authentic sound. He recently released his new single “Get Out”, enlisting Brockhampton bandmate Merlyn Wood. “Get Out” is a perfect balance of serenity and high energy, and both Nate Husser and Merlyn Wood bring the heat.

Nate Husser is definitely next up out of Canada, and with his cool flow and authentic persona, the rising Montreal rapper is easily garnering a larger fanbase just from being himself. His prior release “On A Roll” is still on a roll, amassing over 120K streams and counting since it’s release earlier this year. “Get Out“ is projected to do the same. Stream the new single below:

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