Roc Writah is one to keep eyes on from Baltimore

Roc Writah [Wri-ter] is self-proclaimed "Rapper's Favorite Rapper." Born in Baltimore, Maryland, the home of "The Wire," he is slowly making good on his promise to show his community, loved ones, and any doubters that talent and hard work can exist in the same form. His words are like poetry engaging in melodic feels as his subtle, but not-nice approach creates nostalgia.

Starting with his peers at Marshall University, the young writer quickly gained traction throughout campus after open mic sessions, lunch table freestyles, and a solid but amateur first and only mixtape. The project drew comparisons to Kendrick Lamar's uniqueness, with Drake's harmony in a blender. The growth in his music and sounds changes with each new experience, which has paid off dividends. A streamline of shows in Baltimore, Atlanta, West Virginia, and DC has allowed him to maintain status as an independent artist generating an increase in streams and sales in brand materials.

In 2019 on his birthday (March 15), he released a five-song EP titled "Pisces" after his zodiac sign. It highlighted the emotions of the water sign and offered up-tempo beats like "So Cold/ My Own" while also questioning the need to go clubbing with "Creep Squad." His growing fan base received the short-length teaser well, and even more, the hype came for a full album. As promised, the fifteen-track lengthy project called "Who to Blame: A Demo from 1994" debuted November 8, 2019. The first track, "So Cold," was an homage to the listeners in 2014, with the smooth sample from Smokey Robinson and the Miracle's "Ohh Baby Baby." The not-called album was a well-timed gesture to introduce people to the scene and thoughts that shaped Writah. The cover art represents that unique place, and 639 took the cake with a feature from his grandmother's gospel tune.

March 2021, Pisces was rereleased this time as a 13 track project with newer refreshed sounds. Top songs include "Neighborhood," "My Own," and "Creep Squad." It meshes the original EP with the latest theme of Roc being caught in an enticing romance with a woman who is in another relationship. They go through trials and emotions of a higher connection met with sneaky links. All while bringing raw emotion to each track and displaying the ongoing battle of being in the Pisces zodiac.

Known for lyrics that cut deep and a voice that soothes the ears, Writah does not intend to knock on the door nor ask for permission; Baltimore is alive and well in this young man, and each release will draw you closer towards this young hopeful. And it is only the beginning;

Less Stress More Roc Writah!

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