Rolling Loud DJ Five Venoms Provides Summer Anthem Featuring Cliff Savage & Moe!

DJ Venoms has been making a name for himself so much within the Hip-Hop industry, it was only right for one of this generations biggest Hip-Hop music festivals, Rolling Loud, to snag him as their official DJ. Since, Venoms has now prepared to release his newest collaboration “Replay”. The pithy hard-hitting club anthem graces the summer right in time; as venues begin to open back up, songs like “Replay” provide the perfect vibe for a much needed break and night out from quarantine. The collaboration features rappers Cliff Savage and Moe, who deliver two unique approaches over Venom’s high frequency beat. Replay is a track in which the sound is similar to artist like Tyga, but still finds a way to bring its own feel to the record. The vibe and ambiance of the record is very fitting for Miami’s Downtown night life scene.

As an open format DJ, Venoms feeds off of the energy of a crowd. And his versatility does not go unnoticed; Venoms is also the host of Rolling Loud Radio which airs weekly on SiriusXM”s Hip