Run It UP! Lon6z Is Determined To Make Noise In The Music Industry.

Independent Artist Lon6z is living the Hollywood dream after working his way up in the music industry! Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Lon6z says he grew up in the inner city where the corner store was his neighbor. Lon6z decided to make the move to Los Angeles, California, to network with some of the top entertainers in the hip hop industry including Snoop Dogg and The Game. Having written for multiple major artists, Lon6z says his talent for engineering is what keeps the bills PAID!

One-word to describe Lon6z sound is SENSATIONAL! The independent artist admits he isn’t afraid to try different genres. In fact, he recently moved away from doing r&b to focus more on hip-hop music!

“Last Season I cooked up nothing but R&B.” He explained, “Lately these fake rappers been irritating me so I've been cooking on their beats.”

Ultimately, his goal is to create music that makes others believe in themselves. Lon6z sound is inspired by Eric Thomas, Gary Vee, and Young Thug. However, his mindset and mood also reflect what he records in the studio.

He reveals his motivation to achieve success has nothing to with the fame that comes from being in the industry. He simply strives to achieve the goals he has his mind set on.

“Honestly what motivates me is to wake up everyday and be the living testimony of accomplishing whatever you set your mind to.” Lon6z added, ““I'm motivated off of my goals to be successful. I just simply want to accomplish these goals I set.”

This year, Lon6z is determined to make noise in the music industry! He’s currently working on locking in more collaborations and partnerships. The independent artist also confirmed that there is new music on the way. In fact, he plans on releasing music EVERY OTHER WEEK!

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