Sammy Wilk Drops "Mexico"

After dedicating some time to grow as a creative and strengthen his talents, Nebraska native, Sammy Wilk is ready to deliver his latest single 'Mexico'. The song was written and produced by Sammy Wilk, Mikey Ferrari, Jackson Hoffman, Ryder Stuart alongside fellow Omaha native and longtime friend, artist-producer JVCKJ, who has multi-platinum records and numerous accolades. Debuting today on all streaming platforms it is bound to shake things up.

"‘Do what you love. Do what makes you happy. That’s what I want my music to represent. I make music that makes me happy. I think that’s the best way I can inspire and motivate others.”

- Sammy Wilk

On a quest to find true love and happiness, 'Mexico' is expressive of repairing a failed relationship with a love interest. The song explores the complexity of post-clarity. After deep ponders, Sammy is ready to address hisshortcomingss and begins holding himself accountable for the hurt he's caused. Frantic to do whatever it takes to get his love back, Sammy wants to spend a romantic night in Mexico. Hoping a drunken mind will speak a sober heart, he plans to drink and dance the unfavorable past away and cheers to a bright life ahead.

Check out "Mexico" out today on all streaming platforms

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