Stevo Swizzi Is Getting Down To Business! The Brooklyn Artist Teases New Music On The Way.

Independent Artist Stevo Swizzi is all about getting serious and dedicating time toward achieving his dreams. The Brooklyn artist is eager to make the biggest impact in the world with his music. After dealing with a share of unfair life experiences Stevo Swizzi is looking forward to dropping new music for his fans.

Brooklyn Artist Stevo Swizzi was previously known as StevoSwagg, a nickname given to him because of his good style. However, he decided to reinvent himself as he began to get more serious about his music career. In 2016, Stevo Swizzi recalls he finally took the steps to taking his music to the next level. Anytime before that he revealed he spent time mastering the craft of performing while continuing making music.

Music has always been a big part of Stevo Swizzi’s life! Most members of his family did some form of music from singing to rapping. One person who heavily influenced and made an impact on Stevo Swizzi’s career was his cousin O From Da Block, who at the time was a songwriter/producer.

“One day in 5th grade I got inspired and started writing to a 50 Cent beat while O recorded.” The independent artist recalled, “I left the book of the raps I wrote. O saw it an told me that shit was dope. I been rapping since”

Stevo Swizzi says the only thing he gravitates toward is music. After trying other career paths, he admitted that nothing stratifies him or his soul like making music. In fact, he shared why his connection runs deep and why he is so passionate about his craft.

“Music is only the friend that’s always there to calm me an put me in a better mood.” He revealed, “I turn to music most of the time to release emotion or relax me or get me hype either pain sadness happiness etc. I could say I use it as a form of therapy or meditation. it takes my mind body and soul into different place of joy & creativity”

One of Stevo Swizzi’s biggest accomplishments in his career thus far is winning a freestyle competition on WorldStar Hip-Hop. Unfortunately, due to the Corona Virus they could not complete the full roll out for the competition.

Nothing can stop Stevo Swizzi! This year the independent artist dropped two tracks “So Brooklyn” and his most recent single “Randy/16”. One thing we can always bet on is Stevo Swizzi will always deliver HEAT! His next move is to release an EP/Album, which may come sooner than we think!

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