Stream C-God4life's Project 'Opportunity' Out Now

From the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York, a young star by the name of C-God4life was born and began spending many of his early years in Harlem. He would grow up infatuated with music and everything that goes into it. At the age of twelve C-God4life picked up a pen and wrote his first ever verse, which promoted the motivating factor "I can do music." Over the years following his adolescents, he would perform on an array of stages during his high school career, building up his highlights and presence as an artist. While building his persona he was inspired by many great MC's before his time like Jadakiss, The L.O.X, Big L, Tupac, Gang Starr, Wutang Clan and even 50 Cent himself.

His music has been described as fluid, elegant and heartfelt from many of the people close and personal with C-God4life. Later on Washington Pennsylvania, would serve as the connecting place where C-God4life meets his team "MBK" (Music, Business and Knowledge,) his newly assembled team would go on to help build out C-God4life's brand "Valiancy" which was founded in 2018. Now the artist has released a recent project entitled "Opportunity" which is on all major streaming platforms. Make sure you check out C-God4life's latest project and stay tuned for more music from this East Coast star.

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