Upcoming Philadelphia native Mookie Mook recently released his new single "Break The Bank" ft. Bandhunta Izzy -- a hard-hitting track right in time for this summer's playlists. 2021 was a good run for Mookie Mook, primarily promoting his single "Roster" ft. Renni Rucci, and 2022 is definitely on the fast-track to a being a great year for the Philadelphia-born rapper. Philadelphia and Baltimore are in ways similar to each other, so Mookie Mook and Bandhunta Izzy pair well together on the track.

On his way to a new level of recognition, Mookie Mook is staying consistent with his craft. "Break The Bank" ft. Bandhunta Izzy is just an example of what is to come from the Philadelphia native in 2022. For those new to the journey of Mookie Mook, his discography is pretty strong and is only going to get stronger. In routine with providing new content, "Break The Bank" is also accompanied by an official video. Previously pushing singles like "Demon Flow" and "Roster" ft. Renni Rucci, Mookie Mook is well on his way. Make sure to stream the official "Break The Bank" visual below:

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