Wolfpack Global Music signed artist Mad Marcc is on fire this year with new releases, and today he released his official video for single "Dark Child" -- one of the lead singles from his new album MAD. "Dark Child" is just an example of what is to come in 2022 from the Atlanta, GA native -- and his discography is already pretty hefty. Next to his hit singles "Slide" and "No Vaccine", this new single proves how much talent one young man can possess, and Mad Marcc definitely has everything in the bag.

Steady hit after hit, Mad Marcc is definitely ready for bigger releases, performances, and everything in between. Growing a solid and organic fanbase is something many musicians cannot do, but all of it is coming with subtle ease for the rising rap star. "Dark Child" is a great first impression for those new to Mad Marcc and his discography. To view the official "Dark Child" video, make sure to press play below:

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