Street Heat Presents: Spinx Da Don & Styles P "NY Swag Remix" Music Video

Written By: Julz Mancini

Photography by: @A_main_photo

Sunday was the perfect day for a video shoot in New York City. Spinx Da Don and Styles P could be seen on the streets of Yonkers performing in front of the camera with Will C, owner of Street Heat & Street Heat TV, directing on the set. The visuals in the making are for the upcoming single, “New York Swag Remix” featuring Styles P. Spinx’s fans are awaiting the highly anticipated music video and single after the unveiling of his recent album, “Papi St., Vol. 1”. His latest music video “You Smell That”, presented by Interstreet Recordings and Cash Power Respect Records Inc. quickly accrued over 21k streams on YouTube (the lyric video) prior to the release of the official visuals for the track, also directed by Will C. This is proof that there is a demand for Spinx Da Don’s music and presence in the music scene.

The announcement comes by way of the Owner/CEO of Street Heat & Street Heat TV, Will C (far right), the legendary NYC music video director to some of the most iconic Hip Hop stars in the industry.

While on set it was apparent that Spinx tapped into an alter ego, so to speak, while in front of the camera. Spinx stated, “In certain songs I have to tap into someone I used to be while performing. It depends on what type of time I’m on. When I came home 10 years ago I made a vow to myself to drop the street life. When it’s been ten years, you have to dig deep.” It is no secret that many fans and onlookers will be able to resonate with Spinx’s words as he embodies the reality of several people.

When asked what his earliest memory of hip hop is, Spinx explained, “In third grade I was asked what I would like to be when I grew up and I wrote…a gangster rapper.” He also recalls being inspired by the late Biz Markie (RIP) and P Diddy’s “24 Hours to Live”. Spinx has also made it clear that he has a deep love for the hip hop culture based on his collaboration choice, the legendary Styles P. Styles P recently released his new album “Ghosting” on July 9th and is also the owner of “Juices For Life” and “Farmacy For Life”. Both companies are geared towards “the food deserts” as stated by the prominent hip hop artist. Styles P stated, “Good vibration and good energy has everything to do with health. Health and food are the common denominator between people. I am starting a legacy for a healthy option in every hood.”

The “New York Swag Remix” video shoot took place at a Juices For Life location in Yonkers, NY. Spinx stated that Styles P picked the location and a perfect location it was. As Spinx Da Don prepares to unleash the new music video, be sure to follow him on social media and stream his new album! Don’t forget to follow the legendary music video director Will C!




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