"Streets Made Me" From Mise Da Prince Is A banger

Mise Da Prince has been around for a while now. "Streets Made Me" is his latest release. His last single, "Cold Hearted," sold a lot of copies, therefore this is a follow-up to that success. Representing Brooklyn, Mise returns to the original New York style of hip-hop and his rhymes are great at conveying thoughts on life and the difficulties of trying to make it as an artist in the music business.

Mise's music has produced a lot of buzz in his neighborhood and shows that he's capable of making it to the top of the music industry. I recommend keeping tabs on Mise Da Prince. He's laying the groundwork and getting ready to unveil his true self to the world. A new record, due out later this year, is already in the works for Mise, who doesn't believe in taking a break from his job.

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