Super group Cutthroat Mode Releases New Project “Always Us”

Native to San Mateo, California, Rich Rollin, Mr. Musik and Juice Boi formally combined their crafts and came to as a group called “Cutthroat Mode.“ With three different sounds and get-ups, Rich Rollin, Mr. Musik and Juice Boi get together to provide a mix of vibes from hip-hop, r&b and reggae genres.

Signing with record label ‘454 Life Entertainment’ in 2012, Cutthroat Mode has toured 3 times, alongside talented artists Drew Deezy and Fiji. Cutthroat Mode has been rapidly dropping since the return of their New Zealand tour and they have no plan to slow up the speed.

After the passing of fan-favorite member Juiceboi, the group continues to keep his name alive with hard-hitting progress and consistency. They’ve even created and released an EP that serves as an ode of love to their late friend and member, entitled “Juice Mode.” After all the noise, Cutthroat also released an album called “Always Us.”

To stream one of Cutthroat Mode’s hit songs, ”All My Life”, play here.

RIP Juice Boi!

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