Supreme-Intelligence Has a Mark to Hit on "My Gang"

Staten Island lyrical wordsmith Supreme-Intelligence hits strong bars on a up-tempo beat by P.Soul titled 'My Gang,' which exudes confidence that shows a side to Supreme that the emcee hopes ot show worldwide in 2022. It's very clear that he loves his gang, life, and way of life on this track but it's the nostalgic mid 2000s feel that makes "My Gang" pop.

In 2022, Supreme will unleash a very emotional and introspectively crafted EP titled 'Road To Soul' that is a culmination of life experiences and feelings that give not only more insight to his mind but the brain of your everyday millennial who is grinding to make ends meet. Supreme-Intelligence is not your typical rapper, which is made clear by his moniker itself.

He carries himself with a certain swagger and education awareness that implores that his mind is far developed your average in in their 20s. He loves knowledge and wants others intelligent minds to have the "supreme" confidence showcase their unique thought process in any means possible.

'Road To Soul' is a ingenious work and we cannot wait for the rest of the world to hear it March 15th.

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