The Underdogs: 5 R&B Artist To Watch Out For In 2022

As we know the year has finally come to a close and the new year is upon us, so while we enter into a new 365 day calendar, we definitely wanted to provide our audience with some underdog R&B artist you should look out for in 2022. Over the past year I've gotten the chance to digest a lot of music and personally I'm always looking for the next best artist or who I think will rise amongst the many and emerge a star. As we move into a new year lets take a look at some of the rising R&B talent who's next up!

Artist Muni Long is the first artist on our upcoming R&B underdog list, the breakout musician is currently trending and going viral for her latest hit single "Hrs". Although that name might be new to you she's been in the music industry for a solid decade, as one of the go to writers for some of your favorite a-list stars like Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, Chris Brown and even Madonna. Now she has stepped into the light of stardom leaving behind the thankless songwriting position and making her name known. Muni Long has released a trio of EP's since creating her own label "Supergiant Records". Her releases include EP's "Black Like This", "Nobody Knows" and her newest edition "Public Displays Of Affection" which contains hit single "Hrs". Well that's enough babbling about it let's press play and have the music speak for itself.

Our next underdog R&B artist is Jaas who represents Chicago IL, I came across her while browsing for new songs on Apple Music's platform and realized she dropped an EP entitled "Unavailable". After giving it a listen immediately I recognized the songwriting skill and talent that steeps from the project. The first song "Ugly" is the perfect catch to lure you into the rest of the musical experience. As I continued through the project it's production blissfully blended from beginning to end, while only taking 15 minutes of a listeners time. If you want to talk about perfectly crafted EP's in 2021 Jaas definitely made one. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

Jvck James brings us to our third underdog R&B artist on the list, while Jack has been growing pretty rapidly in the R&B scene, we believe 2022 could be his breakout year. Jvck's style is inspired by music from the 90's and can be heard in samples and singles like "No Drama", "Come Over" the (Cover) and his more recent single "Love In The Club". The East London native, honorably mentioned people like Usher, Quincy Jones and even Michael Jackson as influences behind his music. When it comes to understanding the songwriting process Jvck James is definitely no rookie, the crooner is a former student of "East London's Academy Of Music". Check out his latest project and keep your eye's open for the UK's next big R&B star.

Sy Ari Da Kid has been underrated for so long and it's been burning me up as a fan of music, when it comes to a non-skip album he's one of the biggest producers for them. As 2021 went by I saw a lot of Sy Ari's music charting on the Apple Music Platform as it should, but as we go into 2022 I truly believe he could have a huge year with the right promotion and push. Sy Ari's music is so fire and so consistent, I couldn't even give you a favorite album by him, every project he drops comes packed with quality songs. While I am huge fan of the music he make's, it was time for me to shed light on him as an artist. Songs I recommend that are recent would be singles like "It's not you, its me", "Jet Magazine", "Excuses", "Settle Down PT. 2", "Christmas in the hood" and a slew of many more I wish I cloud list here for you, but instead just click play and listen to his latest album "Alone But Not Lonely".

Our fifth and final singer/somgwriter for 2022's R&B Underdog list is New York's very own Abby Jasmine. Abby's music is full of vibes you'd love to fall into trust me I love good music and she has just that. I've been watching Abby for about two years now and first caught wind of the songwriters talent when she dropped her single "First Day Out". After coming across that track I knew immediately this would be an artist who's journey I'd like to follow and shortly after she ended up dropping album "Who Care's". The album was the perfect mix when it comes to production and engineering, not only just the production but Abby's talent as a songwriter truly shows. Abby's music has been described as "moody pop or sassy R&B". Whichever you choose to go by just know if you're not on Abby Jasmine now you're going to be sorry you didn't take the advice and listen lol. Check out Abby's latest EP "I Hate You 2" below: