Typhanie & Co. Has A Project Coming Up You Need To "Double Tap" with!

Music artist Typhanie & Co. is set to release her energetic EP “Double Tap” this upcoming Saturday on December 12th. Methodical and gritty, Typhanie attacks eccentric beats with impressive wordplay and her one of a kind appeal.

Marking her first significant project release, Typhanie wishes to make a great first impression as her team has developed her music sound over the past few years. Each track represents a different side of her personality, giving listeners a little bit of everything!

Living by her mantra, Typhnaie pushes music from a more wholesome and genuine place of the heart.

“I can & will do everything I want in life to the best of my ability. God blessed me with talents that are meant to be shared to their fullest extent,” she said. Typhanie continues with, “Creativity is key in everything I do. I strive to stand out and push myself to think outside the box.”

Recently she released two singles, “Say Dat” and Batman influenced single “Why So Serious,” which previews a little bit of “Double Tap,” which can be checked out here. Typhanie & Co. hopes to set the world ablaze on December 12th with her new EP!

Check out "Say Dat" below:


Upcoming Project Pre-Save: https://www.thexiidc.com/doubletap

Social Medias: https://www.thexiidc.com/typhsocial

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