Up and Coming Artist Stu Has A New Track That Will Make You Remember "2020"

Up and coming artist Stu is just getting started! Born and raised in South West Philadelphia, the independent artist has been making music for as long as he could remember. In 2017 Stu decided to record his first track finally getting himself out there in the music industry.

His passion for music began to develop when he realized that he has a story to tell. When writing/producing his music, Stu is inspired by some of the toughest moments in his past. He recalls, growing up with six siblings and raised by his single mother was not always easy but it shaped who he is today.

Stu is motivated to make his family proud. A moment that changed his perspective and outlook on his music career was when he was shot on the same street his brother was murdered on.

That just made me think and my bro always wanted me to take music more serious.” He revealed, “So I say I do this for him.”

By keeping it real and authentic with his fans he hopes that his music can motivate anybody who needs that little push in life. He added, “I want people to know, that even through trying times you still gotta keep pushing through it all and stay down.”

The up and coming artist is always working! In fact, Stu teased via social media that he has new music on the way. According to his Instagram, his EP titled “Stu-Duio” and single “2020” will be released soon. For now, you can stream his latest music available on all streaming platforms.

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