Up and Coming Artist Tommy Lee Isn't Letting 2020 Slow Him Down. New Music Is Coming SOON!

Up and coming artist Tommy Lee has been keeping it busy this year! Although COVID-19 has rattled what 2020 has been so far, Tommy Lee decided nothing would get in the way from him starting his music career. Recording his first track back in January, the hip hop artist has goals to not only be a rapper but to be a complete artist.

Tommy Lee has a music style that is diverse and melodic. When writing lyrics, he enjoys creating a mixture of rap and singing. Overall music has given the up and coming artist a creative way to say what he really feels.

I think music to be really a way for me to get a lot of feelings off of my chest.” He explained, “I don’t really know how to show my pain or my feelings. Before I even started rapping I always would just feel music on a different level.”

What people don’t know about the independent artist is that many of his peers have thought his life has been perfect but it has been the complete opposite. One moment he recalled was when his chance with sports fell through and he got caught up with the fast life which led him going to jail. It was a time where he let the people who loves him down causing him to fall into a depression.

Ultimately, Tommy Lee hopes that he can show people that they are not alone. He wants to be the type of artist that people can relate to, showing that they are not the only ones that are facing issues or thoughts that they keep to themselves.

What’s Next for Tommy Lee? As of now the up and coming artist has yet to drop an album or EP but he did confirm that he is working on releasing new singles. You heard that right! For now, keep up with the independent artist on social media or watch the video to his single “Permanent Damage” down below!!

Social Media:

IG: Tommylee2x​​​​​

YouTube Channel: tommylee​​​

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