Upcoming New Jersey Native Rapper Esco Corleone Unveils New Album “Mob Talk”

New Jersey has birthed many of hip-hop's beloved lyricists, and through-in and throughout the state are rising stars ready to shine. Upcoming Irvington, New Jersey artist Esco Corleone is wrapping up the end of the year with his newest album release called Mob Talk. The new album contains a total of 13 songs, all of different vibes and cadence. Heavily prideful about his authenticity and originality, Mob Talk is a great first impression for newcomers to the timeline of Esco Corleone as an artist.

Mob Talk only features 5 guests out of all 13 tracks, helping the audience to understand Esco Corleone's individuality as an artists. Having a deep passion for music since the age of 12, Esco Corleone locked into his career later on to prove this passion and dedication to his creativity. To get a sense of what Mob Talk represents, stream here.

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