Upcoming WOLFPACK GLOBAL signee MAD MARCC unveils first 2022 SINGLE “NO VACCINE”

Rising Wolfpack Global Music signee Mad Marcc releases new single “No Vaccine” — a follow up to his viral single “Slide”. Currently solidifying his name in the music industry, Mad Marcc has made stride after stride, from a new deal to a record with King Von. “No Vaccine” is Mad Marcc’s first single of 2022, and like all of his effortless single releases, it's worth every stream. Mad Marcc quickly expanded his fanbase with his authentic sound, and it comes to no surprise.

“No Vaccine” easily proves Mad Marcc’s lyrical ability – creating quality music has never been a challenge for the Atlanta-native. Wolfpack Global Music is renowned for breaking artists like Lil Baby, and MadMarcc is well on his way to the mainstream caliber. Records like “Slide” and “No Vaccine” are living proof that Mad Marcc has next. The Atlanta-native is carrying the flag compellingly, and in 2022 it will be evident. If this is your first impression of Mad Marcc, you came at the right time. Stream “No Vaccines” here. Keep up with Mad Marcc below:


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